Natix is a 19-year-old professional VR E-Sports Player and Content Creator, he has been playing video games ever since he was 2-years-old and made his first YouTube video when he was 10-years-old. He kick-offed the VAIL VR Competitive Scene in 2021, and still is playing after 3 years. He is still feared in VAIL VR. Nat1x with his current Team "REKT" is still winning E-Sports Tournaments and natix has earned over $3,000+ in Prize Winnings. While not signed with any content creation organization, his DMs are always open.


Q: When did Natix start playing VR for the first time?A: Around 2019, Pavlov VR was my first VRFPS game.
Q: How do I play with Natix?A: His twitch offers a point award system that is gained through watching and interacting with his Twitch streams which is exchanged with 1v1s, Queuing Together, and many more!
Q: Is Natix a Furry?A: No lol

Q: Where does Natix live?A: North America.
Q: Is Natix still in School?A: Yes, I am. I am a high school senior about to graduate in June 2024 and start college.